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Brenda DyGraf

Whether you're watching one of Brenda DyGraf's exercise videos, infomercials or live performances, her contagious, heartfelt message is always the same: "If you can rely on the champion within you, you can do anything."

In 1995 Brenda also spelled her name as Brenda Dykgraaf. As president of Windermere Exercise Co. Inc., Brenda is responsible for designing and marketing bold new fitness products for The Shopping Channel, retail stores, infomercials and commercials.

She has been featured in nine different infomercials, which have been broadcast in over 30 countries. For seven years, she appeared on The Shopping Channel. Brenda was co-developer of the number one selling fitness product of all-time, the Ab Roller Plus. More than 4.4 million Ab Rollers were sold within 16 months of their introduction.

The National Infomercial Marketing Association recognized Brenda with the "Best Female Presenter of the Year" award in 1996 for her featured appearance in the Ab Roller Plus infomercial.

As one of the top exercise trendsetters in the fitness industry, Brenda has also been responsible for the introduction of numerous breakthrough products, including the Lumbar Support Mat and her latest creation, the ABGYM (TM).

Brenda continues to reach new heights in the fitness industry by choreographing and starring in over 80 exercise videos, covering topics as diverse as disco, combined whole body moves and spinning.

She was also featured in a Cosmopolitan fitness video and co-starred with Fabio in his fitness video. Early in Brenda's career, she captured the prestigious United States Aerobic Championship in two categories - Single Female and Mixed Pairs.

In addition, she has won 18 regional aerobic championships in three different categories - Single Female, Mixed Pairs and Team.

Brenda Dygraf or Brenda Dykgraaf is still a champion of the exercise gals.